Media 66 is currently seeking Partners to develop content and deliver finished products for Film, Television and Internet.  If you are looking to gain access to our vast experience and seek partnerships in Intellectual Properties we want to hear from you.  The world awaits and there are many opportunities to be had.  Contact us today! 


Industry Operation Partners


Miklos Wright
Co-Founder and Head of New Media

Annie Wright
Co-Founder and Head of Research and Development

Austin Schmidt

Writer & Associate Producer

Wynton Payne

VFX and Story Editor

David A Johnson

3D Animation and Story Boarding (NYC, NY)

Jason Siegel

Web Development & Social Media (Paris, France)


We develop new media through partnerships and over see post-production  specializing in movies, television, internet and advertising.  

Here at Media 66 we have been gaining new clients.   Creating content is a growing business and we are right there along side it.  Millions of viewers can be reached instantly so your work and your voice can be heard.  We can form partnerships with anyone in the world and look forward to developing new content and relationships for a growing industry.



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