Iron Fist Season 2 Trailer

Iron Fist Season 2 release date September 7, 2018


Iron Fist came to Comic-Con talking up a big game of how Danny Rand, in the wake of The Defenders, would honor the spirit of Matt Murdock. But let’s be real—as cool as it sounds, what we’re here for is even more Colleen Wing and Misty Knight tag-team fights, and our first good look at season 2 promises exactly that.

Netflix has now dropped the first six stills from Iron Fist’s return, featuring exciting sights such as “Danny Rand walking into a warehouse!”, “Danny Rand looking pissy while standing next to Colleen!”, and “Danny Rand wearing something vaguely mask-like, but not the mask you really want him to wear!” (although we heard of at least one scene shown at Comic-Con where he does don the Iron Fist comic book mask temporarily).

Annie Wright