Arctic Assembly for Annenberg Space for Photography

Miklos and Annie Wright have had the great fortune of getting to work with Charlie Annenberg Weingarten Founder of Recently we completed an inspiring edit of Polar Bear footage from the Arctic that is currently playing at the Annenberg Space for Photography Skylight Studios. We have also begun reviewing Brown Bear footage from Alaska’s Katmai National Park. Something that has been coming up for me while logging all of this information is that wild animals have learned to be habituated to our behavior and that this trait is learned. Baby animals learn from their mothers how to coexist with us humans and get along for their survival. I truly feel that we as humans have lost touch with this basic knowledge of how to coexist with Nature and that once we begin to tap into this we can begin to Nurture Nature and coexist with our planet. It is like Charlie says “The mission is to allow people to observe nature, up close and personal, with the hope of falling in love with the world again.”

Annie Wright