by Lily Wright


Lily Ann Wright

Compare And Contrast Essay

    I know most kids in America hate school and will do anything to get out of going, but are they willing to throw their life away so they don’t have to go, like kids in Japan ? People in Japan speak a different language than most people in America. They have a lot of things in common that you might not expect for example America and Japan both have over one hundred active volcanoes.Although they bear some similarities the difference between Japan and America are clear.

America and Japan do not have everything in common, infact, Japan and America are very different. First, Japan gets a lot of earthquakes that are very strong. In America most earthquakes are so small they are not even felt, the last big earthquake there was in America was a 53 years ago and it had a magnitude of 9.2 and the last time there was a big earthquake in Japan was only 6 years ago and it was 9.1. Also Japan gets annual tsunamis that cause a lot of damage.Tsunamis are giant waves that happen when there is an earthquake quake underwater.  The last tsunami that hit japan was in 2011 and caused the nuclear meltdown at Fukushima. America doesn’t get that many tsunamis, in fact, the last time America had a tsunami was in 1964 that hit . The nuclear meltdown destroyed people’s homes and caused children to be diagnosed with cancer. In America there are strict laws with nuclear energy to make Americans more safe. For the most part Japan and America are very different.

Tsunami 2011

Tsunami 2011

    Although Japan has a lot of ugly disasters, there are also a lot of cute animals that live there. One of the cutest animals that live there is the red panda.  Red pandas are their own species called an Ailuridae. They are the size of a house cat and look like a red and white racoon, but cuter. Another animal that lives in Japan is a Japanese serow. it is in the Bovidae family and it looks like a very fluffy goat.  A third animal that lives in Japan is the sable, or the martes zibellina. it is known for its adorable ferret like appearance and its love of climbing trees. Honestly most of the animals in Japan are fluffy, adorable, and look like they want to give you a big warm hug.

Along with a lot of cute animals there are also a lot of beautiful plants. One plant that I think is really amazing is the rare dove flower, it is so beautiful, and looks like a majestic dove. Another plant that absolutely adorable is the small succulent monilaria obconica that looks like an adorable bunny that comes in all sorts of colors. A third plant that lives in Japan is the classic cherry tree, that gets beautiful pink blossoms that bloom in April every year in Japan. Japan is fule with very unique plants.

Japan is known for its amazing Japanese t.v. shows called anime. Anime can be very colorful and cute, like pokemon, but it can also be dark, and violent, like Tokyo Ghoul. Also in Japan there is a lot of creative food, people in Japan make animals and creatures from anime out of rice that you can eat. Japan is a great place to see beautiful mountains, and big bright cities.  Japan is overflowing with creative ideas.

Tokyo Ghoul Season 3

Tokyo Ghoul Season 3

In conclusion Japan and America have a lot of things that make them different, but there are also things that they have in common. I believe that if I had to choose between America and Japan I would choose Japan because I love how creative and colorful everything is when they create t.v shows and videogames, I also love the plants like the cherry trees, and the yeddo spruce, I also love the animals that live there like the red panda, the snow monkey, and the serow. I also love the food there like sushi and miso soup are so delicious. In summary  Japan and America are very different in their own special way. You can learn more about Japan at www.Mediasixtysix.com/Japan.


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