Demon Eyes


A crew of extreme pit bike motorcycle racers support their passion by breaking into abandoned homes to scavenge anything of value, but tonight they picked a house with more then they can handle.  Beneath the floors lies a hidden crypt with a lone prisoner. Hanging from hooks piercing through his back and arms is a Catholic priest possessed with demons contracted from performing exorcisms.  Long left for dead the once holy priest remains unnaturally alive.  The crew of young bikers is a mix of tough survivors hoping to escape their past, but their recklessness disturbs the crypt and the priest escapes. Driven mad by the possession the priest infects the home invaders with demons whose only desire is to cause mayhem on earth and steal souls for their master. One by one the friends are possessed and then attack each other with demonic violence. It's easy to tell who's been infected by the glow of their demon eyes.


Demon Eyes Visual Board 


Art by Steve Mason (one of our Industry Operation Partners). Super cool effect for insect idea coming out of priests mouth and infecting others with the demons.


  Miklos Wright is an American film editor. He graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design where he received a B.A. His career began as an assistant editor on the film Lobsterman from Mars (1987). His most notable works include Open Range and Mr. Brooks, both of which starred Kevin Costner, along with doing multiple episodes of Southland (TV Series) and Chicago PD (TV Series) and currently working on Netflix/Marvels Luke Cage, Iron Fist and Defenders

Kevin Wright:  Currently lives in the rural mountains of Vermont and has founded Noman Studios.  He has a wild imagination and is highly creative!

Austin Schmidt:  Austin Schmidt’s early years were split up between Nebraska and Iowa. He graduated from the University of Iowa with a major in Cinema & Comparative Literature, and then moved to Los Angeles in pursuit of a filmmaking career. A lifelong fascination with all eras and genres of storytelling, cinematic and literary alike, led him to concentrate his efforts on screenwriting.