Defenders on Entertainment Weekly

Miklos Wright co-founder of Media 66 edited several episodes for Netflix/Marvels latest series Defenders (no release date yet)  


Marvel TV head Jeph Loeb thought of The Defenders while watching The Avengers for the fifth time, on DVD, back in 2013.

“Iron Man is falling out of the sky, and the Hulk is catching him, and my storytelling brain starts to think, ‘If you went over to 10th Avenue and down a few blocks, you’d be in Hell’s Kitchen where there’s a group of heroes who are not really interested in saving the universe,'” he remembers. “That’s a really interesting place to start a television series.”

And not just one television series, but five, based on Marvel’s lesser-known heroes who have long populated the streets of New York. Loeb and his team dreamed up a plan that would involve producing 60 episodes of gritty, street-level comic-book drama — 13 for each of the four (anti)heroes’ individual series, and eight for the show that combined their forces. The plan mimicked the blueprint for Marvel’s big-screen approach, in which stand-alone films starring Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, and Captain America hit theaters before they teamed up in The Avengers.

Annie Wright